About 2A Tag

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2A Tag was founded to bring you top gear, new gun accessories and quality ammo all in the same place.  Our idea was to build a quality website where you could find great gear without having to search through massive pages of low-quality alternatives.  We plan to add items regularly in a constant search for the top quality firearm, survival, prepper gear and ammo out there.

We do social and digital media consulting for the firearms, outdoor and hunting industries. And We’ll also post video reviews and other important 2nd Amendment news to keep you up to date.

We’re always looking for input on top local gear and ammo manufacturers – so feel free to email us your thoughts on what we should/could add to the site.  One of our goals is to help local guys take their stuff to the next level by providing national exposure.  Quality is top priority for us and the items we carry are vetted.  Email info@2atag.com with ideas.

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