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Your Privacy

We value our customers and their privacy. Personal information you provide is used to ensure the processing of orders and to assist employees in ensuring a positive and expedited experience. We will not give or sell personal information to any third party, unless we are legally required to do so.

Data Security

Your data is secure. Our site is PCI compliant and our checkout process is SSL encryption secure.  We exceed standard security requirements.  No one in our company can access your credit card information within our system.

Market Analytics

2Atag.com uses Google Analytics to gather information on some pages of the website, with the goal of improving user experience, product offering, and quality. Google Analytics uses cookies to define a visitor to the site, and to collect data about how visitors use the site. No personally-identifying information is tied to those cookies. By using our site, you agree to our use of such information, and you further agree to GA’s terms found here: http:// ww.google.com/policies/privacy/partners.

How To Contact Us

Should you have other questions or concerns about privacy or return policies, please send an email to info@2Atag.com. Thank you.


By placing an order, all customers agree to the below statements and terms of sale.

Customer Affidavit

  1. I am currently twenty-one (21) years old or older
  2. By selling or delivering ammunition to me, 2Atag.com is not violating any state or local law or ordinance.
  3. I am not under indictment for and have never been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for over one year
  4. I am not currently a fugitive from justice
  5. I am not an unlawful user and/or addicted to any controlled substance
  6. I have not been adjudicated as a mental defective
  7. I have not been committed to any mental institution
  8. I am not an illegal or unlawful alien
  9. I have never been and I am not expected to be discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable condition
  10. I am not subject to a restraining order of any kind
  11. I have never been and I am not expected to be convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence

Indemnify and Defend for Misrepresentation

In the event that any of the above statements under the “Customer Affidavit” section of these Terms and Conditions are determined to be untrue, I will release, hold harmless, indemnify, and pay to defend 2A Tag, LLC (2Atag.com) and its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any resulting civil liability or criminal prosecution.

Assumption of Shipping Liability

We do our best to ensure that your product reaches your door as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee that the shipping carrier will not damage and/or lose your product, or that once delivered, your product will not be stolen or damaged. Once your product is delivered to the address you have provided, you assume all responsibility for its safety and hereby explicitly release 2A Tag, LLC (DBA 2Atag.com) from all liability and responsibility.

Release of Liability and Agreement to Indemnify

While 2A Tag, LLC (DBA 2Atag.com) strives to offer high quality products and top customer service, it is merely a retailer of products that are designed, manufactured, and tested by other companies. Therefore, I understand and acknowledge that 2A Tag, LLC shall not be liable for any claims and/or damages, or for the breach of any warranty, express or implied, whether of merchant ability or fitness for any purpose or otherwise, whatsoever.

Furthermore, I understand and acknowledge that 2A Tag, LLC expressly disclaims any and all liability for the accuracy of information provided to me, and for how I use information provided to me, by 2A Tag, LLC, and I understand and acknowledge that 2A Tag, LLC cannot be held liable for how I or anyone else uses any information I receive from 2A Tag, LLC. Therefore, I explicitly agree to release, hold harmless, indemnify, and pay to defend 2A Tag, LLC and its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any resulting damages and/or civil liability or criminal prosecution arising from or related to my use of information provided by 2A Tag, LLC.

By placing an order with 2A Tag, LLC I understand and acknowledge that I alone am responsible for how the product I purchased from 2A Tag, LLC is used by me and by any other party. I explicitly agree to release, hold harmless, indemnify, and pay to defend 2A Tag, LLC and its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any resulting damages and/or civil liability or criminal prosecution arising from or related to the products I have purchased, to include but not limited to the use of the product, the storage of the product, and the transportation of the product. In the event that any other party files a claim of any kind against 2A Tag, LLC I will indemnify and pay to defend 2A Tag, LLC and its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any resulting civil liability or criminal prosecution.


In the event that I choose to file a complaint against 2A Tag, LLC or any of its owners, agents, officers, or employees, I agree that such a complaint must be filed within a court located in Orange County, North Carolina. I agree that any complaints filed within any other jurisdiction shall be immediately removed to a court within Orange County, North Carolina and I agree to reimburse 2A Tag, LLC and its owners, agents, officers, and employees for any costs they may each incur in defending against the complaint or effecting its removal until such time that the complaint is properly filed within a court located in Orange County, North Carolina.

Governing Law

I understand and acknowledge that North Carolina law will govern exclusively: my purchase and use of any products from 2A Tag, LLC; any information I receive from 2Atag.com; any legal action instituted against me by 2A Tag, LLC; and any legal action that I institute, or that someone else institutes as a result of my actions, against 2A Tag, LLC.

Class Action Waiver

You expressly agree that any dispute resolution proceedings, including but not limited to, litigation, arbitration, and mediation, will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class, consolidated, or representative action. By making this express agreement, you acknowledge and affirm that this is a knowing, voluntary, and permanent waiver of any right to bring federal, state, or local claims as any part of, or on behalf of, any class or any other individuals, before a court or other tribunal.

Shipping Destination Restrictions

I understand that 2Atag.com does not ship outside the United States or to Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Chicago, or any other area within the United States where 2Atag.com is prohibited by federal, state, or local law to ship product. I also understand that if I attempt to have product shipped to these restricted areas, my order will be cancelled and I will be subject to paying a cancellation fee as described below. We hate to not be able to serve all customers, but we live in a country where some legislative bodies are tempting fate with the 2nd Amendment and the Commerce Clause. If you live in a restricted area, please join the NRA and write your Congressman or elect a different one who has more respect for your Constitutional rights.

Order Cancellation by Customers

Our desire is to provide you with excellent customer service to include very promptly shipping your order. Our system relys on quality employees who will begin packing the order soon after it is received and shipping it as quickly as possible (typically the same day or next business day). Because our goal is to get the items packaged and shipped as quickly as possible, orders may not be cancelled by our customers once submitted.

If your refuse to accept delivery of any order that you placed, we cannot issue a full refund to you. Instead, we must deduct the full cost of shipping both ways (cost to ship back is the same as the initial shipping cost to you), plus a restocking fee equal to 10% of your order. We will return the remainder to you as either a store credit or partial refund.

Order Cancellation by 2Atag.com

2A Tag, LLC (DBA 2Atag.com) reserves the option to cancel any orders where the purchaser has not abided by these Terms and Conditions. In the event that 2Atag.com chooses to cancel your order, you will receive a refund of the full amount of the purchase less a $30.00 cancellation fee or 5% of the total purchase amount, whichever is greater. We do not like canceling orders, but sometimes we must where a customer has not adhered to these Terms and Conditions. When this happens, our office incurs various costs ranging from credit card processing fees to chargeback fees. It is your responsibility to make sure that you fully understand and comply with these Terms and Conditions.


Due to the unique nature of the product we sell we only accept returns for damaged product. Product must be returned within 30 days of your order date. There will be no refund issued for any returns that are received at our warehouse without a prior approved email return request on file.

If you feel like you should be able to return your product for a reason other than it being damaged product, you are welcome to email us at info@2Atag.com. Someone on our staff will respond promptly. If your return is approved, we will reply back to your email with the options available for processing your return. Returns will receive store credit or refund, at our sole option.

NOTE: If product in your possession was received damaged, damage must be noted in your email and pictures must be supplied documenting the damage. If your return request is approved, you are responsible for properly packing and securing your return order to protect it from damage incurred in transit back to our warehouse. All returned product is examined upon arrival and check-in at our warehouse and only product in New/Sellable condition will receive a full credit (unless the damage occurred in transit to your location and you properly notified and documented the damage in your initial email). If for any reason you decide you want the product back after it has been received at our warehouse, we are happy to collect additional payment from you to cover the costs to ship the product back to you.

E-mail List

In an effort to stay in communication with our customers, our website retains a list of each customer’s name and e-mail address. By entering my email information to create an account or by placing an order on 2Atag.com, I explicitly authorize 2A Tag, LLC to send me e-mails relating to my purchase and/or containing information regarding other products or services. By placing an order on 2Atag.com or by registering an account on 2Atag.com, I am also choosing to add my name and e-mail address to the e-mail list maintained by 2A Tag, LLC. I understand that my information will be retained and used in accordance with 2Atag.com’s Privacy Policy and that I may at anytime choose to unsubscribe from any future e-mails that result from my being added to the e-mail list. 2Atag.com expressly disclaims any and all liability for errors in pricing contained in e-mails and advertisements sent by 2Atag.com—all prices as shown on our website are final.

Trademarks and Copyright

I acknowledge that all content on the website 2atag.com is copyrighted by 2A Tag, LLC. I further acknowledge that I have been made aware that the trademark “2A Tag”, tagline “For the Free” and associated logos are official trademarks of 2A Tag, LLC.

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